The second oga for PDP when still be person wen know about security well well , Em still be Oga Kpatapkata for Microscope Int’l LTD Ghana.( Chief Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi This morning talk to Isalute, em say watin em see for channels TV today em no de happy at all, the Oga say, make President Buhari no try am say em wan give herdsmen money, em say the thing don clear for every body eye say all this kidnap and blood wen de flow na because say them want money, E use watin happen for Ghana as example, E say when fulani herds men try am for Ghana e no reach 48 hrs before the government stop them. the Chief come talk say na the government be problem say no be the criminal. Oga also come talk say shebi President Buhari don talk am before say the people wen de cause trouble no be Nigerians , how come dem come dey use Nigerian money take de pay them?

All this katakata start when Mr Shehu Garuba wen be person wen de help Buhari de talk put for matter come stand for channel TV this morning talk say since dem pay Niger Delta Militant, herdsmen too na Nigerians, why dem no wo pay them. But the Oga for Human Right writers Association, Mr. Emmanuel Onwubiko wen stand for the same Channels TV with Mawokpe talk say no way, say government no suppose to dey smile with terrorist at all, dem be kidnappers and criminals , em say criminals na arrest dem dey arrest dem no be to sit them down for table with them dey drink tea. All this matter join watin make Chief Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi talk say, Tatafo don first talk say government pay boko haram 50 million take release the kidnap girls but Government deny say dem no pay any money. but the way things de go if government try pay any money again say na so dem wo de pay de go.

before na wood Fulani dey Carry, who buy AKA give them ?
Who buy riffle give them ?



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