People for ghana no dey happy for the copy copy wen Ghone TV for ghana do for our isalute pidgin news, this-week wen just past so , one of the woman wen dey give torry mess up after she come fumble well well for where she de read torri for TV. People come face book dey say broken no be ghana thing say na Nigerian get am e be like say u carry china man make em read Igbo news. As the matter dey so we for isalute dey vex because we don submit proposal to many TV for this same pidgin program for more than 3 years now , one TV say e wo spoil the way thier pikin dey speak english na so e be for many other programs for ghana if you submit your work, they wo tell u say dem no like am because dem no wan pay you but after dem wo go back go get one of thier person make em try, but make i warn them broken english na drama on em own, dem no dey learn am , na Nigerian thing and if you wan turn to monkey you must first learn how to jump from tree to tree and my sister UChe the fact say you be nigerian no mean say u wo fit tear broken english. Photo copy no wo fit like original na we get the original copy.


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