Yesterday we bring torri for una say the Police for Ghana don talk say no be because of Kidnap dem arrest the 8 Nigerian boys wen de cell for Kanewu Police Station. E get some new group for Ghana when dey call them self Pointers, na dem follow the matter, and no be only that matter them dey follow, dem de follow all the kidnap and killing matter wen touch Nigerians. Any where Nigerians get problem for Ghana dem de for ground, them no dey show their face too much or talk too much but na them be the fire wood wen dey under the pot.

So as dem follow the matter come question oga police and everybody say if you see snake kill the snake no need to take camera de snap snake photo before you kill am. which means say if Nigeria person do bad make them treat am as one person no be say them wo come carry am rob the whole Nigeria community. Nigeria people wen dey Ghana come de grumble say because say person get tattoo for body, wear earing de smoke no means say em be kidnapper or na dem kill person so make them stop to add sugar and salt join the torri.

Last Friday, The Eze Ndi Igbo (Madina) EZE KEN GINIKANWA OBI hold press conference about the same way wen dem they try spoil nigerian image for ghana. Em talk say yes some boys de bad but na so many good good Nigerians still dey Ghana when de do well and dey give Ghana people job, em talk about case of three girls when dem kidnap for takoradi and another case for kasua too. Em say(No house for Ghana When Mensa no dey) which means no land wen bad people no dey, so if bad things dey happen no means say na Nigerians de do am. But e also warn Nigerians for Ghana say make dem mind how dem dey take live if not, na em by himself wo carry them go police if we find any bad egg for among us.

Criminal na Criminal weder na Nigeria or Ghanaian.


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