Last week for around Kasoa area, some criminal take gun kill two policemen,Video come on line when one of the policeman  enter Okada but Em still go die for hospital . One small girl wen see as the matter take happen talk say, the criminals and police park their car, the criminal tell the police man say make em go bring money for inside motor na so em bring gun, shoot the policeman for head. As dem first report the matter na em somebody come bear witness for joy tv news say na Nigeria person shoot the police. Because of that E come be like say dem pour petrol for the fire when first Dey burn the bad belle wen some Ghana people carry for  Nigerians. One police man come even do voice note say dem wo begin kill those Nigerians for Kasoa. But God nor Dey sleep , yesterday, police people arrest all the people and half Nigerian self nor Dey inside . Na em come make Nigerian community come para, many Nigeria Oga Kpatapkata come join hand talk say any radio or TV when lie against Nigerians again just to paint Nigeria  name black , them wo carry am go court dem say their Dey for Joy Prime and UTV body. Na so last month UTV go write lie again one Nigeria, after dem take 1000 take settle the man .

We for Isalute come talk say abeg Make people no just Dey wear short nika  for waist when dem hear say na Nigerians and abeg make people when Dey write matter of talk about matter for radio or TV make dem Dey take torch look the matter well well before dem bring am come outside.


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