People de always believe say na most Nigerian women wen dey for ghana dey sell their body for money ( the one wen them dey call Ashawo) But today i dey very happy to let una know this woman, Princess Mimi Bala, she be actress, plus side model, she dey MC show, and na she be the oga madam for Zabram construction and na she still be madam director for TIIDAA, Mimi Bala wen do mass communication for school , Na Nigerian woman from Delta but she don try to burst the industry for Ghana. Mimi bala say em no wo forget Destiny Omon wen be Oga for DMF Production wen give am em girst big role for The King with no culture and since then na so she de get job, Princess Mimi na married woman with husband and children. And since last year she don appear for more than 3 cinema film plus the Inner Woman were she play Onome and many other ones wen never still come out. We say make she continue dey do well to make nigeria happy no be only bad news dem wo dey hear about us wen dey live for Ghana.

If you get business for Mimi you fit reach for faceboo @Princessbala or WhatsApp +233 (0)545103333

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