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Last time i talk say no be all the time dem wo de nail dog and give am bad name as neckless but some time make dem still praise the dog if he catch grasscutter becuase one of our brother don hunt one big meat , yes Chi Don Oye Eze wen be Nigerian musician for inside tema, ghana talk say if em remeber how em take suffer for street for good 14 years how em take sick for seven year wen em no die na em E say make em take this song take tell baba God say em too much, The song wen be say na mix master him self garzy na em mix am, the song em mix gospel and serious pop no wonder E call am gospel pop. The song na both igbo and english The song don de tear every where for Ghana. This one na our own so make we join hand push am so at least people wo see say no be only bad nigerian people dey for Ghana.

Download the song make you enjoy with your family and friends.


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