Last week there was so much buzz around the media , 500 Nigerians were arrested in Bolga in Upper West region of Ghana. They were deported to the Aflao border without finding out how they got here and who brought them .

Speaking to the chairman of NIgerian traders union in Bolga and Chairman Igbo community in upper East Region  , Mr Eugene said they supported  the deportation as many of the people wanted to go . Some that were not arrested during the raid even came themselves that they wanted to leave .

Information gathered is that a company Q-NET, registered in Ghana brought these innocent souls to Ghana promising them jobs of 250 dollars a week in a gold mining company. On arrival , they ask victims to pay 4000 – 7000 Ghana cedes. They are then placed in a room of over 20 people At a point they are now asked to bring two people before they can be paid. The victims will be taken to big hotels, take pictures and make video calls with wine on the table to convince people back in Nigeria that all is well so they should come. Below Pictures of  wounds and injuries melted on victims who try to protest or ask questions.



Q-NET Ghana limited is registered in Ghana as an employment agency , The company is owned by three  Burkinabes , two Ghanaians. They also have 2 Nigerians among them who helps in facilitating the illicit business.

Below are profiles of the company owners.


The Nigerian Community in Upper West laments that since last year , We petitioned police district command on 2nd Nov. 2020 .We Copied to Regional police command, Regional Immigration command and our National secretariats. but no action .

The victims were becoming nuisances to them of course, a hungry man is an Angry man. They called in the police hoping they will arrest the owners of Q-net and get them to pay these Nigerians some money to be able to leave.

That was why the Nigerian Community in Bolga then asked immigration to step in to clear the streets. As you can see on this video,  some were happy going back home despite loosing monies some of which was acquired from selling landed properties.

As we speak these innocent soul are left in the rain and sun without shelter at the Aflao border .

The only crime these innocent Nigerians committed is trying to get a job in Ghana, while the owners of Q-Net are working freely enjoying their loot.

We in I-salute want to ask do Nigeria still have a government  ?

If yes why will our citizens be going through hell in other Ecowas countries while you use their task payers money to fund the maltreatment of your citizens abroad …how do you feel seeing your children been packed with police and immigration cars donate  to Ghana by Nigerian Government? How do you feel funding Ecowas states where your citizens cannot walk in ? How do you feel allowing 7 of your banks bring in Nigerian money to boost an economy the country are locking up the shops of your citizens who also deserve to earn a living the way other Nationals  are freely earning a living in Nigeria ?   How do you feel giving out electricity for credit when you don’t have enough for your people  yet same people are deporting and maltreating your citizens ? They say charity begins at home,  but our own charity has travelled abroad.

there are 4 million Nigerians officially and Legally living in Ghana . That is a country in another country.

For now I will reserve my Ink .



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