Yesterday for Sango area along Lagos Abeokuta RD, One EFEX transport big bus wen em number be BEN 344ZZ wen carry 33 passengers wen load from Benin and Lagos, The driver come park say make em check em motor, na so some SARS carry three of the boys wen come down from the motor say make dem go pee , them come force the boys enter one Bus wen carry Lagos taxi paint, The boys say them Dey beat them and force them make dem open their phone , no forget say IGP don talk say make SARS no Dey check people phone again , say dem no get right .  As the beating too much na em the other passengers  wen Dey  inside bus and the people wen Dey the area come bark follow them like dog , some even naked as police carry the boys go lock inside cell lock gate. Na so police come de shoot everywhere , Dey shoot tear gas inside the Bus wen be say women and children wen no do anything Dey inside, by the time the bus finally enter the police compound, na so dem park every body sit down for ground , dem beat the driver wen em age be like 60 years, na em be the driver wen old pass for the company.

The small SARS boys  beat am put for ground most kill am if no be the senior officers wen come out come save am, na so dem detain the bus and every passenger before one ASP wen be the DPO for the station ASP IDeha come hear the whole story as em take happen, na em e say make the driver pay for the windscreen wen people break, the driver say na only 10,000 em get so other passengers come donate another 10,000 wen come make am 20.000 wen dem give the Station officer before dem allow the bus go, ASP collect all the boys phone give them back and em no collect any money from them. One of the SARS even de talk say if to say na night him wo shoot all of dem put gun on top of them say na robbers dem be.


Posted by ISalute Media on Saturday, July 20, 2019

This one na one of our reporter take em krokro eyes take see the Tory as em take happen.  True true if Nigeria no stop SARS, na SARS wo stop Nigeria. We for isalute media say God wo bless Oga ASP Ideha if 30 % of Nigeria police be like you problem for no Dey at all.

Posted by ISalute Media on Saturday, July 20, 2019


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