Last week Cardi B wen be one of the people wen dey naked dey dance for club for America, the one oyibo dey call stripper, Cardi B also be rapper and musician, na em last week oh,  Cardi go Nigeria go do show, na em the people wen bring am come do over sabi say make dem take one stone kill two bird, but e come be like say the two bird come finally fly. As the matter be so them come carry Cardi enter Ghana. That Sunday na so people go park car for airport dey wait like say  dem dey wait American visa, As Cardi come, video show where she run enter her hotel room, whether na people gather oh abi na chicken gather she no even send them, no pictures nothing. As if that one no do, them come gather all the female show body people when oyibo dey call celebs. Na so dem paint face, wear xmas cloth, carry hand bag like the 10 virgin wen dey Bible. After dem don wait for like Six hours  like say dem dey wait Jesus, nothing de shele na em one of dem say make she stroll pass Swimming pool, see Cardi B dey there dey chop suya. The matter come cause heavy wahala for internet. Even the show self be like secondary school end of year party The big Ghana Artist no fit perform, light dey go off and on like  xmas carol.  Next morning Shatta Wale wen be one of the big musician for Ghana come dey laugh dem say the show body people don really fall em hand, Say as the thing don reach , em no fit chop this shit again, em don go get Nigerian Passport say em don turn Naija Boy. Cardi B run leave shoe em commot from Ghana as E reach yankee, She do video dey sing ” Dis world i cant kill myself , i cant kill myself oh” We for Isalute wonder why dem want make Kadijatu kill herself ? na by force to meet person wen you no know before ? That day she say some thing say when dem pay am to do job she dey do am well, Yesterday one Actress don talk say dem ask her make she pay 150,000 dollars make Cardi B take body rob am and snap foto with am to help her blow for yankee, but she say no, which means all those wen go there, dem pay some thing ? As for Shatta Wale we welcome you but know say for Nigeria na bench you wo dey oh because the queue wo too long for your front, think am well because it is not easy to be an underground artist twice.


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