A few weeks Ago two Nigerians were sentenced to death by hanging, Verdict passed by a Ghana High Court judge Justice Adjei Frimpong.
The case seems to have taken another turn, The families of the four girls have come out to protest the evidence with which The two suspects – Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Orji – were convicted .

Mrs. Josephine Amu speaking for the families of the girls in a press conference lamented the fact that families have still not been presented with a DNA test in a case that became a national issue 2 years on.

She insisted that if the police are sure of their report, they should furnish the families with the details of the DNA test conducted.

The Father of one of the girls (  Priscilla Bentum) Mr. Francis Bentum was also quoted in a statement published on as saying,

“When the police came to pick evidence in our house was it by a court order. When we had to be traveling back and forth to Accra for identification of the bones, when we had to go to the police station for DNA samples to be taken was it by a court? So why will the police want to act this way? We cooperated with them so it is their term to reciprocate.”

He stressed: “We will still insist that there is something wrong with the bones. How can you show us bones that are 60 years old? The pathologist, we asked him when were the kids killed, he said he does not know, what instrument was used to kill the children he said he does not know. That, you show us skeletons and the panties are new. That the thread in the beads is new. Bones that are six months old. You cannot treat us like we are kids.”

He later went forward to say ” “I am willing to accept that the children are dead if the two Nigerians are killed in my presence. They should not be blindfolded. I want to see that”.

This is where it becomes troublesome. The evidence that was taken to court is been rejected by the complainant who is suppose to be a state witness, If the parent of the girls are coming out to say our children are not dead, the bones showed us are not that of our children, Then it raises the question of on which ground was the two Nigerians Convicted for murder?

The parent also claims that their children are not dead, their children are alive. If the state witness is making such claims then I will be forced to ask, which murder case were they convicted for?

In a bizarre manner, he requested that the two Nigerians be slaughtered in his presence so that the blood of Nigerians can appease his conscience even when he have doubts they may not have killed his child.

We are not lawyers but in the court of public opinion, if you believe your daughters are alive why then do you want to see another woman’s son slaughtered in your presence? That statement alone tells us a lot about how Nigerian blood is honey to our West African brothers.

Our Lordships have spoken, they are the highest power apart from God, while our brothers are waiting to be slaughtered without blindfolds to appease an angered father, My brothers Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Orji  “Cow wen no get tail, Na God dey help am chase flies ”

We here at  I salute can only say “A witch that partake in the eating of another woman’s son may not be far away from eating her own child.”. We come in peace !!!




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