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VIDEO : The Moment Her Excellency Came out to Meet Super Star Zlatan & #endsars Team Ghana.


As Usual, A broadcast from TV3 stated that despite the protest, The Nigeria High commission never came out. Here is video evidence when the Acting High commissioner Mrs. Esther Arewa, came out as to address her children.

All attempt to reach TV3 has failed, They refused to pick their phones. We urge our media partners who usually come to give the Nigerian media support when issues arise to please publish the real fact as received, rather than trying to make a situation look more terrible than it is.

The Nigerian High Commission, Ghana has affirmed her commitment to giving a listening ear to all cases of Nigerians in Ghana.

We could recall that a few weeks ago when a Nigerian man was mobbed and almost killed for an accusation of stealing. It took the embassy less than two hours to get the medical team to revive the man with oxygen and blood, That is how motherly and efficient Mrs. Esther Arewa can be,along side  other interventions that have been done by her.  Any attempt to rubbish her work through  fake news will not be fair. We are calling on TV 3 to immediately do the needful.



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