The Cash App hit maker Bella Shmorda has lamented the way he was treated in Ghana last month when he visited Accra for a performance. Bella who did a COVID test in Nigeria tested Negative before flying to Ghana. Only to be told at the Ghana kotoka airport that he has tested positive to Covid- 19. They were taken to M-Plaza hotel to be quarantined. According to the musician, after 3 days a test was conducted, they were never shown the result, the doctor announced verbally that their result is still positive which got them in an argument with the doctor. After seven days in Quarantine, they paid a total of 3700 Ghana Cedis each for him and two of his team members. Upon release, the doctor called the police to arrest him. “ See me oh , Na work I come work oh , we no Dey do them like this for Nigeria oh” Bella lamented when we visited him behind bars at the Kotobabi police station. We spoke to the Commander In charge of Kotobabi police station to take them on bail, she declined saying they want to elapse the 48 hrs right to detention. The Nigerian High commission representative in the person of Mrs. Esther Arewa followed the case, visited the doctor and apologized on behalf of the boys , the doctor insisted of taking the case to court. Next day the case was taken to court, The Lawyer representing Bella a Ghanaian, against a Ghanaian doctor, for some dreadlocked   Nigerians who look like having so much money without knowing what to do with it. After taking his pay, he quickly advised his client to plead guilty . (Well done Sir). They were slammed with a fine of 10,000 Ghana cedes each , 2,000 Ghana cedes for the Doctor, they were deported never to return to Ghana in the next three months. (Meaning The Doctor made 6000 Ghana cedes) . While the Government made 24,000 Ghana cedes from 3 innocent young Nigerians. While they will have to refund monies paid to them for a show they could not attend .

Today the same Bella is in the USA, in Dallas , Texas precisely. Our American source told us if he had ever tested positive he would not have been allowed into Texas. The Ghana Authorities said his test from Nigeria was fake , is his test in the USA also fake ? This is happening at a time Ghana rapper and musician Sarkodie is been treated and worshiped like the gods of our land in Nigeria. One thing is sure ….” Rain can wash down the footprints of men, Not what has been proclaimed by the judge “ . We move …


  1. It’s time we wake up as Nigerians!
    We must understand our stage in this entire world God love Nigeria with his people
    And every good thing actract challenges
    We are Nigerian and we are so previllaged
    Nothing can change that but it’s high time we know that Nigeria is a blessed country and Biggins to promote the good image of our dear country, pray for our leaders .


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