One Nigerian man wen get Television and other media business for Ghana wen Know Tonto Dike and em Husband Churchills well well don put mouth for the matter wen de happen . Samuel D Omokhape wen plenty people sabi as Smile Baba (Wen get s24 digital and Oga kpatapkata for
Smile Entertainment Limited ghana, come talk say watin dey happen to Tonto Dike like this na God catch am, Smile say 2012 when Mercy Johnson  born pikin new new em come get one job because say she no wan do the Production wayo, she carry the pikin wen dey suck breast go shoot one  film na em Tonto Dike change am for Mercy say na because em husband no get money to take care of am that is why Em carry the pikin for back go hustle. Na em Smile Baba come de talk say , other women suppose take this one learn sense say dog wen sit down jeje na em de eat the bone


wen big pass because as E de so, na Mercy Johnson don de laugh pass now because Em family dey strong kakaraka and na so plenty money dey, em husband still dey, but em Tonto wen carry money enter market go buy husband , na em come look like Aunty wen mumu and Aunty wen no wise. Smile write am put for em facebook page. I salute media also confirm the matter say the time wen things sweet na every week end Tonto Dike de come ghana, every occasion for ghana na two of them, Churchills buy me this, my new this from husby but today nko you wan come tell us say all the one wen you talk before na lie so how we de sure say this one no be lie on top of the old lie? As  many people don talk say all this one na story for the gods.


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