Two Ghanian brothers Atitso Korshie and Wisdom Dzeke were jailed at the Denu Magistrate Court Last week for Robbing and shooting Nigerian traders in the Denu, Aflao community.

Reading their charges in the open court (Denu Magistrate Court), the two brothers reportedly attacked some Nigerian traders with Pistols and machetes. Unluckily, they stole only 250 Ghana cedis in the house. In the cause of the robbery, they also inflicted Gunshot and machete wounds on their victims.

Shouts by the victims attracted the attention of neighbors who appeared at the scene. They managed to physically arrest Atitso Korshie who mentioned the name of his brother Wisdom Dzeke.

Justice Joseph Ofosu Behome handed them twenty years each (40 years in all) for engaging in the armed robbery.

This is a case of human-biting a dog, there have been comments coming from the Ghana media and even M.Ps and Police personnel which suggest that most robberies in Ghana are carried out by Nigerians. A presenter at NET2 TV stated it clearing that 100’s of armed  Robbers are brought from Nigeria to rob in Accra every weekend.

With the new turn of events where police are been arrested and killed left and right for different cases of robberies, and most recently, Nigerians are now targets and victims of robberies and burglaries, I don’t think the Nigerian man can still be accused of these robberies.

while the Nigerian community applauds the effort of the police and Court, we want to remind them of a case in Ashaiman where one Sunday Olish a trader was shot dead and his car snatched.

Despite recovering the car and the robbers apprehended

A known political Security and Youth Leader for that matter was involved.

Nothing has been heard for almost  2 years.  Fast Justice in the Volta region should also be fast Justice in other regions.

I come in Peace !!!


story credit – Opera news.



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