The Nigerian Community in Ghana is sub-divided into four: The Arewas, the Igbos , the South-South and the Yorubas.
The Igbo community has the strongest and most organized monarch structure, right from the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo’s office down to the village chairmen.

A chat with the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo chairman last year, explained the role of the different kings known as Ezes and the sub kings Eze Udos .Two of such Ezes, HRM Eze Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu and HRH Eze Kenedy Ginikanwa OBI, who are both from IMO state of Nigeria, have been strong brothers, close allies for more than two decades, The relationship soured few years ago due to a reason both kings have never disclosed to the general public. Since then, they had kept a respectable distance from each other.
.Every attempt by elders and good meaning Nigerians to reconcile the two royalties had proved abortive.

In a dramatic turn of events, the arrival of the new Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana, in the person of
VICE ADMIRAL IBOK-ETE EKWE IBAS (RTD) on the 29th of July, 2020 brought both Kings together.
Kudos to the continued efforts by the diplomatic team at the Nigeria High Commission, who have been at the helm of affairs, prior to the arrival of the New High Commissioner. Our commendations go to Amb. G.Y Hamza, Mr. S. Dauda and Mrs E. A Arewa for successfully mending relations .They  have done well to mend and create peace among a troubled Nigerian community.
We also commend both kings and their chiefs for the high level of Maturity exhibited.
We, at Isalute media can say these are the best set of Nigerian Diplomats ever in Ghana. We will try to get a private interview from both kings as they did not speak to the media before leaving.
We pray that this peace pipe will last long in the interest of The Nigerian communities at large. Video below .






  1. It will be very nice if you get your facts right.
    Eze Kennedy Kinikanwa is a sub king under HRM EZE DR AMB CHUKWUDI Ihenetu and cannot be in conflict with him.
    A local government chairman cannot be at war with the governor.


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