The  Uncrushable Movie, Movie wen Be say Na Nigerian and Ghana actors na them put hand together come do this film, the Producer when be Nigerian go visit the new Madam when be the new  commissioner when dey on top for Ghana. Dem waka go meet Madam for office, make dem invite am for the premiere wen wo happen for Snap Cinema For AMA building for Accra, The same movie wo still show for America and for Lagos too. Mr. Destiny Omon when be the Producer and Nana Yaa Agyare wen be Ghana Actress na dem go meet Madam.                                     . Madam  Mrs Esther Adebola Arewa  come talk say, she dey happy well well to see Nigerian person wen dey do well like this, she talk say as person wen be the eye of Nigeria for Ghana, she dey ready to put hand for back carry any Nigeria person wen dey give nigeria good name for Ghana.  she say no be only her but every person for the Embassy wo go support the movie because no be only when pikin do bad dem dey shout em name, if pikin still dance better dance na to clap for am. Mr Destiny Omon wen be the producer of the movie talk say, As far as madam don dey push Nigerians like this na em be say Touch light don dey shine small small dey come from inside Tunnel. The Movie get people like Yemi Blaq, Nana Yaa Agyare,Franca Brown and other Ghana and Nigerian Actors. The Nigerian Actors wo enter Ghana for the premiere wen wo happen for A.M.A new Building (SNAP CINEMA).



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