The All Nigerian Community
A.K.A (ANC) is the umbrella arm of all Nigerians in Ghana. Duly registered with the government of Ghana as an association in the name of Alhaji Saliu Mohammed, Chief Moses Owaru and Chief Luis Okorie.
ANC is subdivided into four, The Arewa Community, The Igbo Community, South-south Comunity, and Yoruba Community.
During the time of Ambassador Micheal Abikoye, a rotational 2 years tenor was installed, The first tenor was enjoyed by the Hausa community which saw Alhaji Saliu Mohammed Emerging as president by selection and chief Luis Okorie as Vice. A two-year tenor was billed to expire in November of 2021 after which there must be a congress of all Nigerians leading to elections.
Somewhere in 2020 After the departure of Amb. Abikoye, president Saliu Mohammed traveled out of the country for a health review. Chief Luis Okorie took over the leadership as acting president. Since then Nigerians have been suffering like sheep without a shepherd.
From the pulling down of the Nigerian mission house to the forever locking of Nigerian shops to the killing of more than 8 Nigerians in 2021 to Nigerians being packed like sardines by immigration, the addition of passport fees to no passport booklets. So much has happened to the ordinary Nigerian on the street of ACCRA.
As we speak it’s 4 years on, no congress has been held, and the same outgoing executives are at war with themselves, with the current vice president who has ruled as acting president for almost two years wanting to succeed himself as president without Congress or elections. All other executives are also struggling to succeed themselves without elections.

In October 2021 trouble broke out on the ANC national platform when members began raising questions on how thousands of cedis raised by Nigerians for the inauguration of ANC were spent. ( Which led to the permanently Disabling the platform to stop members agitation) The executives claiming that they have accounted to the High Commission as such no one can force them to account to the people, a situation most people see as hiding behind the mission to cover up their deeds. The Nigerian people who donated money deserve to see the report because it wasn’t the High commission that donated the money but the people .
After several petitions from the Nigerian people yet again they have decided to select leaders without congress which was agreed upon by the BOTs and the Ambassador years ago. All communities submitted their candidates without congress of any kind. The big question is how many people where present during this selections? In a country with over 4 million Nigerians, how do less than 20 people sit somewhere and elect leaders? The push and pull in the Igbo community is a clear indication of a lack of consultation from the real Nigerians in Ghana.
The mission must read the handwriting on the war and smell the danger of forcing 8 people on
4 million people without their consent and approval.

This is opposite to what the BOTS and Amb. MICHEAL Abikoye agreed in their infinite wisdom which made it clear that there should be a congress after the first 2 years for Nigerians to elect whoever they want.
The Nigerians in ACCRA and Nigerians back home can now understand why your brothers are being killed without justice? Why the cost of a passport is increasing? The system is tailored in such a way that before you get help from the Nigerian embassy in Ghana you must pass through ANC. Then being forced to ask, which ANC? The one without a leader for 2 years or the ones that are busy fighting to succeed themselves?
Like the saying goes “ Fish dey start to rotten from the head “
When you see a Nigerian man on the street misbehaving don’t blame him, he is just a political orphan.
The Chairman of the Diaspora commission must put a big searchlight in Ghana to avoid what happened in Senegal a few years back because “goat no dey bite no be when you put hand for inside em mouth”.
Don’t forget that the people u saw demonstrating in ACCRA during end sars are just 1 % of angered Nigerians living in Ghana.

I come in peace!!!


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