718988A2-07B5-42FA-B6C8-CDE629E1A2BCIsalute Media report case yesterday of Nigerians for kumasi wen Ghana People beat them and lock their shops. Na em make one Professor of English (prof. Austin Nwabara )for one of their University come gather Nigerians, come dey tell them how police take do am bad for ghana, Em talk many things say make Nigeria students no dey come Ghana university say Nigeria university dey 100 times better pass Ghana university and the high money wen Nigerians dey pay for school for ghana no be so E be for Nigeria, na so ghana people come dey talk say E dey plan to take over Ghana. But my people na the Video be this beacuse one proverb say na snake when one eye see dey big well well. Make una also watch am see whether na lie the Oga Professor talk.


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