E be like say this wahala no wo end, After Ghana Government And Nigeria don put mouth for the wahala between ghana and nigeria, The person when dey write book for all the traders wen be Ghana people (GUTA) Mr. Shabban come talk say, Police or any body no wo fit stop them, Em talk am for Joy news yesterday for TV. Em say traders wen dey accra dey support Kumasi people, say if police try arrest any of their memebers say them wo do oshebe hey follow them. Na em the person wen dey talk the tory for TV come ask am say so una dey support the Ghana people wen dey go lock Nigeria people shops and thief thier goods ? Say una no suppose to support any bad thing.  Mr. Shabban say yes say accra traders de support the attack 100% . Em say that one self na small, say dem dey give Government 2 week to pursue the Nigeria people commot for the market or no police wo fit stop them make them say them must put law for their hand. Na him Mr Chukwudi Nnaji wen be traders union Oga Kpatapkata for ghana come talk say, police dey hear am so make them do something about am because Kumasi no be Accra , say if dem try am for Accra E no wo easy for them like Kumasi. Them say snake wen one eye see na em dey big pass, thats why i bring the video make every body see with em eye. Na PULSE news gor JOY TV bring us the Video.

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