People dey cry for the Kumasi attack wen happen last week, Nigeria Government and Ghana dey try to solve all these wahala, many good people for Ghana don come out talk say watin dem do no good. Police come dey look nigeria people shop when dey kumasi, this Afternoon as i salute Media talk to the Oga Kpatapkata for Nigeria traders union for ghana, Chief Chukwuemeka Levis Nnaji tell isalute media say as we dey speak GUTA hold press conference talk say dem don close Opara square where Nigeria people dey sell both electionics and Home movies ( Ghana Alaba market). Say dem dey wait make GUTA finish the press conference before Nigeria people wo know watin them wo do. GUTA Secetary Mr. Shabban first talk am for Joy news say any thing wen police or Government like make them do say them bo wo stop the attack. We for i salute say make the two governments put head together make E no come be say one stick of match wen mad man spark come burn down King farm.


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