With all the wahala wen dey happen between Nigeria and Ghana for Kumasi, Nigerian Government come call the Oga Kpatapkata wen be the Ambassador for Ghana for Nigeria, For the meeting Nigeria talk talk person come tell am say watin de happen for Ghana na pure Xenophobia,  say another word no dey wen dem wo call am. Na em the Ambassador come talk say police don take care of the matter for Ghana. But Nigeria Government woman no gree with em she say Ghana must promise dem and swear say this kind thing no wo happen again. Na em the Ambassador swear say the thing no wo happen again. Make we no forget say na so em take happen for olden days, na Ghana first deport Nigerians na em cause that Ghana must go . Few months ago as Ghana deport Nigerians na so nigerians too deport four big Ghana men.  Now if GUTA dey talk say them want make Nigeria pay 1 million dollars before dem do business make dem no forget say more than 2 million ghana people dey live for Nigeria and dem dey do business too. Na only Nigeria you wo go see Ghana town and Ghana market for almost every state. I also hear say from next month Nigeria wan start to check the papers of people wen no be Nigerians, some thing wen dem never do gor more than 30 years. We for I salute media say “this do me i do you”  no be better thing oh, make the two Government see how them wo manage this matter because na sense dem dey take kill mosquitoe wen go position and hide himself for blokos, dem no dey stone rat wen hide for back of pot..

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