Today for Ghana no be small fire, na so every body bark like dog wen born one pikin, dem bark follow the Kumasi boys wen go attack Nigerians Steal thier goods. Every TV station for Ghana today dey shake, Even for parliament sef the matter reach there wen be say our oga dem wen dey parliament say make any body no try attack Nigerians again. Na so Ghana people for Kumasi still carry oshebe hey oshebe hey enter street, dem say  Nigeria must go because dem dey sell cheaps goods take carry their costumers some ghana people wen dem interview say the reason them dey give Nigeria wahala na because say Nigerians too smart so them dey take thier work so make Government force them dey do only wholesale. The oga for traders for people wen be Nigerians say Police don come full every where but fear never let them enter their shops. But All the Nigerian Community for Ghana talk say dem no wo take this one joke say Nigeria no wo ever fold their hand make watin happen for South Africa come happen for Ghana. Parliament don call Oga Kpatapkata for Nigeria embasy say make em come make dem talk about the matter but as we dey talk oga dey Abuja make em go talk with Baba Buhari make em know how we wo take quench all this matter.


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