With all the wahala wen dey happen for Ghana about Nigeria people wen dem close their store, Yesterday for view point for Citi TV Ghanathe Oga Kpatapkata for GUTA wen be body wen dey talk for Ghana market people don talk say According to Ghana law , Person wen no be ghana must bring 1 million America dollars come ghana before em do business and say the person must employ 20 ghana people for the business. Em say na watin make them vote for NPP be that because NPP tell them say dem wo make the law work  wen dem come . Em also talk say the reason wen dem face Nigeria people na because Nigerians be criminal and kidnappers. Na em Kaycee Ogbonna wen be person wen dey talk for Nigeria people wen dey outside talk say first of all na bad thing em talk say if those people be criminals or kidnappers dem no wo fit sit down dey sell for shop or dem no wo fold hand dey look as people dey attack them, em say many of them don marry for Ghana , born children wen pass 20 years and Ghana law talk say if you marry Ghana woman for five year then law also see you like Ghana man. Mr. Kaycee say the only reason wen dem dey worry Nigeria people na say Nigerians sabi market and how to turn money over pass the ghana people. Say dem no dey  spoil country, dem dey bring money come invest for the land. We for isalute come also put mouth for the matter because if you see china people wen get business for Ghana, dem dey carry their own people come work if dem open company, and still government dey cut tax commot for them and i never hear say dem force china man pay one million dollars before.

Ecowas also don give ghana serious warning say make dem stop that kind rough play make dem remember watin Ghana sign for paper say em wo allow ecowas memebers dey enter em country free. As we dey talk the Nigerian traders too don vex say if government no put mouth well dem no wo open their shop again. And for Nigeria we know say Ghana people na dem dey sell petty things pass i no sure say that law tie them down so Dem even get Ghana market for lagos and other places were Ghana people dey sell so make government look inside this matter because win and loose dey inside. We wo still dey follow the matter your own na to follow us.

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