Yesterday for  Ghana people attack many Nigerian people for Kumasi, dem lock their shops, break some head, Say Nigerians be kidnappers. And if you check social media since friday many ghana people they use #nigeria must go. Na em make our Embassy come vex call press make em tell them watin dey em mind. For the letter wen embassy send around upto say dem talk the matter for NTA Nigeria. Amb. Olufemi M. Abikoye, say E don dey very clear like 7 up say Xenophobia for Ghana dey smell small small. Amb. Abikoye talk say na Ghana media dey cause am, Dem arrest 8 people 5 be Ghana people , 3 na agbero wen dem know well well for ghana politics. But media put torch for only the 3 Nigeria people when follow them. The case of one diplomate wen dem kidnap, till today police tell us say all of them run , passport wen dem see for the house na passport when dem don change the face picture of the person. So we come take know the stick when kill fly for inside broom ?

Many other case like that when be say dem no wo even look down inside the matter well well before them carry am come TV na em de cause all this Wahala. The Oga come talk say many Nigerians dey do good businesses for Ghana so enough is enough make them stop to dey paint Nigerians bad. The whole Nigeria community vex for the matter and dem say this time dem no wo fold hand dey look like dog again. As we dey talk so the Trade union Leaders and other Oga them for Nigeria community for Ghana dey for meeting with Ambassador for the matter.


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