Xenophobic Attack: Five Nigerians arrested for “Defending Themselves “


On Monday , na em GUTA , wen  be the Oga  of all the market people for Ghana , dem Come start to lock Nigeria people shops . Na em Nigeria people come out together enter street  say this nonsense must stop , they carry hammer begin break all the padlock, na em gragra come start , GUTA people come begin fight with the Nigerian people. No forget say many Ghana lawyers don talk for TV say GUTA no get right to lock any shop say if any body break law na government na em wo send police go lock the shop. Which means say na GUTA be the criminal inside because you no get right to go lock another person shop na police get right . But Yesterday When I Dey talk to chief Chukwuma Nnaji when be the Oga of Nigeria market people for ACCRA , em talk say police arrest 5 Nigeria people and one Ghana man,

em say those news people when dey talk say Nigeria people carry gun and cutlass na lie say dem dey  try cover the news say even the three people when dey hospital now na Nigerian people. Ghana get police, get soldiers , get immigration, get even National security wen wo go close shops or arrest people if dem wan do so but GUTA just Dey pour sand for government eye as if say government no get power to do any thing. Chief Nnaji say na insult to Ghana government but why dem still keep quiet Dey look na em Dey surprise am . Any way we get live video here make you watch am tell me who fight who . As Government Dey advice every Nigeria people,  Abeg no forget the road when you take come Ghana oh because no matter how wood stay inside river E no fit turn Fish. The people wen GUTA Dey fight so some Dey Ghana with dem pass 30 years, dem no Dey tell blind man say rain dey fall . If South Africa own no teach Nigeria Government lesson na em be say we be fool forever. Too much talk no Dey full basket . Good Morning my people.


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