Yesterday for one market wen dem dey call Suame Magazine for Kumasi Ghana, Ghana Traders Union (GUTA) send people make dem go close Nigerian people shops. According to the tory wen enter our ear for Isalute, GUTA talk saw Nigerian traders must stop to sell for Ghana, them say dem no wo talk to any media person and dem no care watin ecowas paper talk for the matter. No forget say the same thing happen for June before the two Government come put mouth for the matter. But E be like say because Nigeria lock their border, na em make dem vex dey fight the innocent traders wen no be dem be custom or Oga Buhari wen lock border. Although we hear say Ghana Police don send men there go break all the padlocks.

We for Isalute say this thing don dey too much, Nigerian Government must stop am now before we wake up see a case of south Africa. Despite say na Nigerian Traders dey carry money enter other country but the way the small African Countries dey treat us like say we be beggars no correct at all. We try call GUTA office dem say dem no wo talk to any body. But we wo try reach the Nigerian traders union Oga make we ask them watin de happen now for the matter. Follow us as we dey follow the matter.



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