Since Tuesday na emĀ  story come say Ghana TradersĀ  when be (GUTA) don start to close Nigerian people store again for Kumasi, na em Isalute come dey follow all the News paper and Radio for Accra as the matter be headline news. Randy Abbey wen be the person when dey host the talk talk show wen dey come every morning for metro TV Accra come talk say this GUTA and Nigerian Trader’s matter say if them no put oil for the break make the matter stop say na Bomb wen em time dey count, em fit blow anything. The whole news paper and TV for Accra carry the matter today. I salute Media come call the Oga of Nigerian traders Union, em say make anybody no fear, Em say GUTA be like pikin wen dem spoil rotten, any small thing them begin cry. Em Say them no wo talk put because Ghana Police don dey handle the matter. Em say E be like say na because of the border wen Nigeria close na em dey

cause all this problem, But make them know say Nigeria No get border with Ghana so watin come be their problem ? Any way we dey follow the matter make una follow us for all our platforms.


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