The Oga Kpatakpata of Ghana, Nana A. Addo don warn GUTA wen be the oga of people when dey sell  for Ghana market say dem no fit carry law put for their hand go dey lock Nigerian people shops. Em go meet them face to face tell dem say government dey try make dem make sure say dem solve the matter but as the thing dey so, dem no get right to lock any Nigerian people shop. E don dey go 3 days wen em talk am but GUTA people be like say dem carry palm kernel close their ears, dem no ready to obey any body, no forget say them don talk am before say even if God come down dem no wo agree say Nigerian people must commot for their market. Them still close the Nigerian people shop, about 600 Nigerian people shop wen dem put padlock, we hear say dem even dey throw police stone the time wen  police come to stop them.

But the Oga Kpatakpata for Nigeria Embassy . Oga Olufemi Michael Abikoye don tell all the Nigerian people wen dey Ghana say make dem pour ice water for their chest, em say make anybody no fight GUTA, em say GUTA don turn rat wen hide for back of pot, Na sense dem wo i use  drive the rat make pot no come  break.

But we for i salute media come dey think say ebi like say GUTA don big pass government , dem big pass soldier, big pass police, now dem no wan respect Oga presido self. Our people talk say if small pickin hide em hand for back dey insult adult na to first find out watin em hide for inside the hand. Time don reach wen them wo force GUTA hand open make dem know watin dey give dem the power to do watin dem dey do so.

Time don reach wen Nigeria community wo buy big land build their own market carry the whole Nigerian people put there the way china dey do am, if the market good and cheap customers wo still find dem come so dem wo leave circle and Kumasi market because spirit wen dey find blood if you give am palm oil E no wo take.  Because Nigerian people no fit come and go and kill ourself. we dey on the matter like stubborn fly wen no dey hear word your own na to follow us.


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