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XENOPHOBIC ATTACK : ” Lock your shop Because we no dey protect Policies”. Police tells traders.


Yesterday we dey studio wen some body alert us say gidigidi dey happen for Opera square, i salute Media come gather say, In the morning some Ghana people come vex go open the Nigerian people shop wen GUTA people lock, as dem dey open am na em GUTA boys come enter Opera square begin fight them and the Nigerians

when get the shops. According to Chief. Chukwuemeka Nnaji Wen be one of the Oga Kpatakpata of Nigerian traders union wen we interview am talk say Em dey there for opera square wen the matter shelle , even em self still receive some beatings.
Em say na Ghana Police quickly come pure ice water for the matter if not blood for flow. According to Oga Levi, Even our High commissioner to Ghana Oga Kpatakpata Hon.Olufemi Michael Abikoye come meet them for Regional Police headquarter for Accra where dem carry the matter go.


Our high commissioner even call Oga Kpatakpata for police wen be IGP make you know how the matter pain am for mind reach. As the matter dey so, Ghana police don talk say them no dey protect policy Na only security them dey protect so make Nigeria people lock dem shop until matter settle say dem no wo fit cover any body wen go open thier shop. I come ask Oga Levi say some Nigerian people belive say Government dey support GUTA from back. Em come talk say Sani Abach talk say any sturbboness wen last 24hrs which means government hand dey inside because if government say stop dem no born any body well make em move.
We for Isalute wo dey follow the matter like stubborn fly, your own na to follow us like Bee dey follow honey.


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