The speaker of Nigerians National Assembly and seven other honorable members accompanied by a high powered diplomatic delegation arrived Ghana in a bid to settle the trade dispute between both countries. The diplomatic team came to Ghana armed with visual and pictorial facts. They first met with the kings and traditional heads on Wednesday, a meeting that was held in closed door with details not disclosed to the public.  The delegates also met with co-operate Nigerians and professionals bodies living in Ghana on Thursday. Bank executives, head of United National mission, company owners and so many other big business owners we’re in Attendance. Once again the meeting was held in closed doors, details unknown.
Before proceeding to have word with the president of Ghana.

Questioning the PRO of ANC chief Akintola as to why press we’re not invited, he complained of some media houses when given the right information still will find a way to use it negatively against Nigerians so we decided to keep our meeting to ourselves.

It played out later when media platform in Ghana started trending news like : ”Speaker Blame Nigerians, ”Trade war not Ghana’s fault ” I salute media connected with the Adviser to the speaker Dr. Oyewole who told I salute media that they were certain the media was going to change the narrative that is why they did not grant any interview or said much to the Press. A copy of the Communications between both contries have been made available to salute media below. He echoes  The government’s commitment to defend its citizens.

Remarks by Nigerian Speaker at Bilateral Meeting btw Nigerian and Ghanaian Parliament – FINAL & APPROVEDx

Find below copies of cthe communication.



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